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About Draze.com

Draze is a comparison search utility which operates by providing you with a pool of results from all the leading brands in a single location. Draze seeks and brings the most relevant information to you and is a much more intuitive, more productive way of searching. With the Draze search engine you can compare the leading search engines and see the most relevant results.

We feel by providing the ability to compare search results from various top sources, not only does this cut down search time and let you focus more on your work, but 98% of the time a user will be happy with the results discovered. After first launching the Draze comparison utility at over 25 universities worldwide and since grown to about 100 campuses, we found that users have been able to find precisely what they were looking for, in half the amount of time! The results display options a user can utilize to narrow down their search, thus satisfying and meeting their needs.

Draze is the FIRST comparison tool of its kind, with our first launch coming in 1999 as 2Trom.com. Accept no imitations.

Our mission and goal is to have a centralized location to accommodate and satisfy just about all of a users needs while searching. If you have a suggestion for us, we are more than happy to hear about it. Please let us know your suggestions via email.

What's so great about Draze? Here's a quick look:

Draze searches multiple engines - This means that instead of getting the best results one search engine has to offer, you'll be getting the best combined results from a variety of engines, and not just any engines, but leading engines of the world.

Draze covers more of the Web - Using more search engines means a better overall coverage of the Web. We grab top results from the top engines and give you revamped results.

Draze is easy to use - Better results and more coverage of the Web is great - but not if you need an advanced degree to make it work. All you do is enter your search and click 'Search'. The great results will take care of themselves!

Draze is growing rapidly and offers affordable and effective online advertising to drive traffic to your website. Draze's simplicity is what makes us so unique in every way!  We welcome you to use and to play with the Draze metasearch engine! We believe you will find Draze comprehensive, precise, and unique. Most importantly, you will find Draze to be a valuable tool for searching the Internet and an advertising hotSPOT.

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Contact Info

Support & Technical Issues: support@2trom.com
Business Development/Investing/Legal: admin@2trom.com
Advertise with Draze: webmaster@2trom.com     
Comments, Suggestions & General Inquiries: Use our feedback.

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