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About Draze in a Nutshell

The name Draze means "cool" or "hot" or "great" and it reflects what we want to present to the public. Draze is the first search engine of its kind to be exclusively family friendly. Are you a victim of accidentally clicking links and later realizing it was something inappropriate? Do you end up wasting time doing this? Are you afraid your children are being exposed to web sites that are not suitable for them? This is where we come into the picture- Draze is a family friendly search engine so you can now sleep at ease while your children surf online. How are we different from the other search engines? We do not give you the option to change the settings and allow all results to be displayed. In other words, it is configured to be family safe ONLY. Many minors can change the settings on the other search engines, or they can sign up using a fake age in order to see all results. We do not give this option! So parents can now relax knowing Draze takes it very seriously in protecting our children. Oh, and Draze is not just for children- it is meant to keep EVERYONE safe!

Draze scours millions of pages while only displaying the top results and we omit over 99% of the adult oriented websites from our results. After first launching Draze at over 1000 schools and universities worldwide, we found that students and teachers were raving about Draze and how easy it is to use and while never having to worry about content unsuitable for children being displayed in the search results. Physics professor Mike Nassir at the University of Hawaii said "We felt Draze protected our students while not sacrificing the quality of the search results".

Draze is the first tool of its kind looking to keep our families safe. Accept no imitations!

If you have a suggestion for us, we are more than happy to hear about it. Please let us know your suggestions via email.

Draze covers more of the Web - Draze is a meta search engine, which means we are using multiple search engines for a better overall coverage of the Web. We grab top results from the top engines and give you revamped results.

Draze is easy to use - Better results and more coverage of the Web is great - but not if you need an advanced degree to make it work. All you do is enter your search and click 'Search'. The great results will take care of themselves!

Draze is growing rapidly and offers affordable and effective online advertising to drive traffic to your website. Draze's simplicity is what makes us so unique in every way!  We welcome you to use and to play with the Draze search engine! We believe you will find Draze comprehensive, precise, and unique. Most importantly, you will find Draze to be a valuable tool for searching the Internet and an advertising hotSPOT.

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Support & Technical Issues: Support(AT)2Trom.com - Replace (AT) with @ when emailing.
Comments, Suggestions & General Inquiries: Use our feedback.

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